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Did Your Premature Infant Develop Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) after Receiving Baby Formula in the NICU or Hospital?

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious and often deadly gastrointestinal injury. This can occur after premature infants are fed certain brands of baby formula in the hospital or NICU. These brands include Similac or Enfamil. Cow milk based formulas like the previous ones mentioned greatly increase the risk of infants contracting NEC.

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Helping over 3500 Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans with 3M and IED/EFP claims

Do you have a VA service connected Disability for Tinnitus or Hearing Loss?

Iraq/Afghanistan War veterans with serious injuries from IEDs, EFPs, IRAMs, and more may be able to join the Iraq/Afghanistan War veterans lawsuit for the anti-terrorism litigation fund.

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September 11th, Victim Compensation Fund (VCF)

Were you in lower Manhattan between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002?

If you were present in the NYC “9/11 crash site area” between 9/11/2001 and 5/30/2002, and you are now suffering from a qualifying medical condition, you could qualify for lifetime free healthcare.

Call Now: (866)-VCF-9111

Over $250 Million in compensation for our clients

Numerous Clients Part of $100,000,000.00 Nuvaring Settlement

Numerous Clients Part of $775,000,000.00 Xarelto Settlement

Numerous Clients Part of $650,000,000.00 Pradaxa Settlement

$15,500,000.00 Verdict - Brain injury from fall

$8,300,000.00 Settlement - Paralysis from car accident

$6,900,000.00 Settlement - Brain injury, Construction Worker

$3,500,000.00 Settlement - Leg amputation from crane accident

$2,700,000.00 Settlement - Severe injury from botched police chase

$2,000,000.00 Settlement - Head Injury

$1,500,000.00 Settlement - Electrical Explosion, Burn Injury

$1,500,000.00 Settlement - Wrongful Death

$1,100,000.00 Settlement - Product Liability, Burn

$1,100,000.00 Settlement - Auto Defect

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