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Defective Products

Defective Products and Product Liability

As consumers we expect the products we buy to maintain a certain level of safety. It is a basic right that we all possess when buying products in the United States . Big companies are required to create safe products and include any necessary disclaimers and warnings. When they do not meet these obligation and you or a loved one are hurt due to their products, you should seek legal council.

A defective product poses a serious health risk to people requiring its use. Millions of people use a variety of devices under the belief that they are safeguarded from a serious health risk. Medical device defects leave patients at serious risk of incurring a debilitating injury or even death if the issue goes undetected. A medical device is an instrument designed to aid in the diagnosis and/or treatment of health-related issues. When functioning properly, medical devices have the potential to vastly improve the lives of people suffering from chronic diseases, illness or health-related abnormalities. As the technology incorporated in the design of medical devices continues to improve, so too does the potential with which said devices may aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many health-related issues.

Defective Products

NuvaRing Birth Control Lawsuit

The NuvaRing Birth Control Ring has health risks relating to blood clots in the legs and lungs, which may lead to embolisms, stroke, or heart attack.

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    Defective Products

    Defective Hip Replacement Lawsuit

    Some hip replacements have metal particles around some implants can cause damage to bone and/or tissue surrounding the implant.
    Defective Products

    Combat Ear Plug Lawsuit

    Do you have a VA service connected Disability for Tinnitus or Hearing Loss? Contact Selinger Law Group for a free consultation.
    Defective Products

    Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

    An initial recall was announced in December 2005, but additional mesh products were not added to the recall until March 2006 and January 2007.
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